Sunday, March 29, 2009

अर्थ आर् और आप लोगों की मदद!!

I celebrated Earth Hour yesterday by switching off lights and then in that darkness we all roommates talked and after a long time, it was a real fun. I was telling them that here in Bombay we are celebrating Earth Hour but at my native place i.e. Lakhimpur Kheri, electricity officials daily celebrate this thing and there is no time limit for that celebration.

A Help Needed--

Great Bloggers of Hindi community, kindly let me know which tool you use for blogging. I use Window Live Writer and even after wasting so much time in googling a plug in for Live Writer which can support Hindi transliteration, I am afraid to say that I didn’t get any.

So Hindi writing became a bit difficult for me as

1 – I write the post in windows Live Writer

2- then paste that post into blogger to transliterate my English words into Hindi

3 – then I again paste that post into live writer so that it can publish the post and along with that can ping to blog directories.

I find this three step way, very difficult and time consuming. Please do help me, if you have any clean and neat solution.



ज्ञानदत्त पाण्डेय | G.D.Pandey said...

बरहा आई एम ई का प्रयोग करे। मेरे लाइवराइटर पर सही काम करता है!

Pankaj Upadhyay said...

धन्यवाद ज्ञान जी !! इसने बहुत राहत मिली..

ताऊ रामपुरिया said...

भाई बारहा इन्स्टाल करो और काम पर चलो. :) इसके अलावा अगर आप्के वहां हिंदी लिखने पर चोखाने बनते हों तो एक सेटिंग चेंज कर लिजिये. लाई राईटर से पोस्ट लिखना शुरु करने के बाद पोस्ट करने मे सिर्फ़ २० मिनट का खेल है. सिधे वहीं से पोस्ट करिये.

अगर आपको कुछ दिक्कत हो तो hindi blog tips पर देख लिजिये या आशीष जी से पूछ लिजिये.


sm said...

good attempt.
i like it

Yogesh said...

मैं हिन्दी राइटर इस्तेमाल करता हूँ

This is not my software. If you are the owner of this software and have any problems with me posting it on my web-page. Please let me know. I will remove it from my web-page.


अनूप शुक्ल said...

ये समस्या तो निपट चुकी है! अब का बतायें!